This website’s main purpose is to provide a camera hub, a space where all your cameras are bundled together for easy access, organizing and monitoring of online status. It is built using WordPress and a custom plugin that listens to cameras’ heartbeats and provides a handy interface to monitor your cameras.

Plugin name is EspSee, it is written and offered for free by Alojz Jakob, under AGPL-3.0 license. The source code can be found in the EspSee repository.

In short, we provide a way for you to keep track of your cameras behind routers with dynamic IP addresses, so you dont need to use DDNS services.

This is achieved by using “External Heartbeat” function on your ESP32-CAM if you are using ESP32-CAM_MJPEG2SD firmware by s60sc.

To enable External Heartbeat, under Edit Config -> Others tab, enter fields:

  • Heartbeat receiver domain or IP
  • Heartbeat receiver URI /heartbeat/
  • Heartbeat receiver port 443
  • Heartbeat receiver auth token Your auth token. Login or register to get your token.
  • Then set External Heartbeat Server enabled

Heartbeat will be send every 30 (default) seconds. It will do a POST request to defined domain/URI (i.e.[your_token]) with JSON body, containing useful information about your camera allowing this website to connect it to your user account and provide a way to easily access your camera(s) without the need for DDNS.

If you want to have multiple cameras accessible from the same external IP (behind router) you might need to do port forwarding and set ports on EspSee camera entries accordingly.